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Whistleblower protection: What must be done?

Whistleblower protection: What must be done?

Event date: 15 Nov 16 

European Parliament, ASP 1G2 15 November 2016, 9.00 - 12.30 Prominent whistleblowers, journalists and experts will participate, sharing experiences, recommendations and discussing how whistleblowers could be protected, analysing at the same time all political and legal aspects and how to take this issue forward at a European level. Among others, we expect representatives of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Dutch House of Whistleblowers and Transparency International. We expect also to have Julian Assange’s intervention.
Whistleblower protection: What must be done?


15 Nov 16




You are cordially invited to the conference “Whistleblower protection- What must be done?” organised by the United Left Group and the Nordic Green Left of the European Parliament (GUE/NGL), to be held on Tuesday 15 November 2016 at the European Parliament in Brussels (room ASP1G2 - Altiero Spinelli building) from 09.00 to 12.30.
The conference aims at investigating how the European Union could legally protect whistleblowers, as well as in exploring the viewpoints of different political groups in the European Parliament (S&D, Greens and GUE/NGL) on this issue.

09.00 - 09.30: Welcoming, coffee/tea
09.30 - 09.40:  Opening by MEP Stelios Kouloglou, GUE/NGL, Vice-Chair of the Development Committee, Greece
09.40 - 10.00   Proposals on protection of Whistleblowers
    MEP Dennis de Jong, GUE/NGL, Member of the ITCO Intergroup and
the Working Group for Whistleblowers, The Netherlands.
Mr Gerrit de Wit, Dutch House of Whistleblowers    

10.00 - 11.10:  Whistleblowers experiences and reactions
                        Chair: MEP Fabio de Masi, GUE/NGL, Vice-Chair of the Panama Papers Committee of Inquiry, Germany
Jose Maria Mollinedo, Secretary-general of GESTHA (Trade Union of technics of the Ministry of Finance)
Eric Ben Artzi , whistleblower Deutsche Bank (skype intervention)
Raphaël Halet, whistleblower LuxLeaks
Rudolph Elmer, whistleblower Julius Baer Bank
Jonathan Sugarman, whistleblower on Unicredit (Irl) and other mostly foreign banks working out of Ireland

11.15 - 12.00:  What must be done from a political point of view?
                        Chair: MEP Stelios Kouloglou, GUE/NGL, Vice-Chair of the Development Committee, Greece Ireland
MEP Emmanuel Maurel,  Socialists and Democrats, Member of the Panama Inquiry Committee, France
MEP  Sven Giegold, Greens/EFA, Coordinator of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Germany
Carl Dolan, Director of Transparency international
Carlos Enrique Bayo Falcon, former chief editor of Público

12.00-12.20: Open Discussion

12.20–12.30: Closing Remarks - Stelios Kouloglou

For Registration, please provide to the following information: Last name, First name, Date of Birth, ID number, email and Organisation

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